Former Greens Party leader and environmentalist Bob Brown is today being praised by the re-elected Morrison government for helping the Coalition retain and gain marginal seats right across Queensland.

While the vegan farm invaders had already created a mild swing towards the Coalition, Brown’s most recent anti-Adani convoy to central Queensland seems to have sealed the win.

The fact that George Christensen was re-elected comfortably, despite the revelations that he spent more of his last term in Manila than in Mackay, is also telling.

It seems simply saying “I dunno” about creating extremely high paying jobs in North Queensland may be less appealing to the growing percentage of unemployed voters north of the Capricorn line, especially when compared to the Coalitions ‘Hell Yeah’.

While other factors such as the fact that most of rural Queensland is solely served by Murdoch newspapers might have also played a factor, or the fact that this election was purely between a rugby league loving goofball and a softly spoken nerd who runs awkwardly.

Bob Brown has said he’s horrified to learn what he’s created, but it is good to know he still has so much influence over how people vote.


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