The jacked up guys doing chin ups on the jungle gym at the beach could easily be doing much more thorough work outs at the gym, it has been confirmed.

Other than the fact that they are catching the eye of British backpackers, there’s no reason that this three hour work out, shared between 6 blokes, couldn’t happen at the 24-hour-gyms that they all pay $250 per fortnight to keep current.

Local ice cream vendor, Ian, says there’s only about three different excersizes that these blokes rotate between.

“Other than the steps, chin ups and upside down sit ups… all these blokes do is hold themselves off the side of a pole like an 8-year-old on a street sign”

“I hate to look like I’m cutting these blokes down because they look so rigged, but I can’t help but think they are showing off”

However, one of the blokes working out disagrees with these comments.

Jai (30) who works in real estate says that working out at the beach is much more convenient for him on weekends, after he spends 45 minutes finding a car park.

“Its just better than the gym. You don’t get the same random poles to work out on at the gym”

“If I had a random steel bar between two timber poles at my local Anytime, I’d probably be there right now”


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