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The Betoota Advocate’s editor Clancy Overell has been stood down indefinitely from the Western Queensland newspaper’s newsroom today, and will be referred to the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

This comes after weeks of allegations that The Betoota Advocate are taking money from a globalist UN-backed consortium aimed at introducing communism to Australia through an Indigenous Voice.

Once dismissed as merely a conspiracy theory that was spawned by racist misinformation campaigns, damning new evidence has found that the motorbikes and vacant profile pictures on social media were right all along, and the brainwashed YES voting sheeple were wrong.

The Advocate’s editor had previously attracted the ire of media commentators late last month, after photos of the 56-year-old posing with his new SUV at Betoota BMW were uncovered online.

Today’s revelations all but confirm how that mid-tier European luxury vehicle was paid for.

The most recent photographs, which are believed to have been leaked by someone’s cousin, shows The Betoota Advocate editor posing alongside a number of the suspected globalist Aboriginal elites who are purported to be bankrolling this entire referendum.

In a quick statement before he was stood down on gardening leave today, Clancy Overell says he’s surprised it took everyone this long to connect the dots.

“What’s the issue here?” said Clancy Overell.

“I mean, I didn’t think it would be that big of surprise Betoota Advocate are taking money from a whole range of anti-capitalist organisations. I’ll fucken name if you want.

“One, the Pfizer group. That should have been a no brainer. Two, the Bill Gates Foundation. Three, Katter’s Australian Party.

“Then there’s Black and White Cabs, The Country Women’s Association, South Betoota Anarchist Bookstore… That’s just some of em”

“But yeah, I definitely take money from these flash Murris that I’ve been photographed with here. It’s not black or white for me… It’s green baby”

“How the hell else do you think I manage to fly Qantas to and from Western Queensland?”

Other globalist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander figures believed to be involved in this campaign include Yorta Yorta rapper and noted globalist seafood enthusiast ‘Briggs’ – as well as the Gamilaraay former NRL player turned boxing promoter George ‘Soros’ Rose.


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