Actress Rebel Wilson’s record defamation payout from magazine publisher Bauer Media has been slashed from $4.5 million to just $600,000 by Victoria’s Court of Appeal – as the tabloid empire flew as close to accountability as they’ve ever been.

Bauer Media will only have to pay less than a quarter of what they were originally on the hook for, after making heaps of shit up about Rebel, and many many more Australians that seem to be doing well.

The court set aside the decision to give Ms Wilson around $3.9 million for economic losses, and reduced the $650,000 compensation figure awarded to the actress for non-economic loss by $50,000.

Bauer Media, who have been found guilty by Wilson for making shit up about her and ruining her acting career, were originally backed in a joint appeal by Channel 7, Newscorp and other news publishers that make shit up – fearing that her pay out might set a precedent that would mean they would all be accountable for every piece of shit they write.

The previous ruling granted her the $3.9 million figure on the basis she had missed out on film roles as a result of the defamatory articles that painted her to be some sort of psychopathic compulsive liar.

However the Court of Appeal found “there was no basis in the evidence for making any award of damages for economic loss”.

More to come.


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