Almost two years after renouncing his New Zealand citizenship, Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has today learnt that you can take the bro out of Aotearoa, but you can’t take the Aotearoa out of the bro.

This follows the Deputy Prime Minister’s comments last week, where he said pacific island nations affected by the climate crisis will continue to survive “because many of their workers come here to pick our fruit”.

Michael McCormack’s comments were made after critical talks at the Pacific Islands Forum that almost collapsed over Australia’s position on digging and burning coal until the entire Amazon rainforest burns to the ground and sea levels swamp our island neighbours.

Fears are growing the situation might come at a diplomatic cost for Australia in a region where China has become increasingly influential, because they have cash and believe in Climate Change and aren’t run by old white leathermen who view Polynesians as nothing more than indentured VISA holders and State Of Origin winners.

McCormack, who had been the acting prime minister while Scott Morrison attended the forum in low-lying Tuvalu, attended a business function in Wagga Wagga on Friday – where he state that he gets “a little bit annoyed when we have people in those sorts of countries pointing the finger at Australia and say we should be shutting down all our resources sector so that, you know, they will continue to survive”

McCmormack went on to continue offending every single one of our Pacific neighbours by saying “They’ll continue to survive because many of their workers come here and pick our fruit, pick our fruit grown with hard Australian enterprise and endeavour and we welcome them and we always will.

These comments haven’t sat well with the recently-povo former Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, who says these kinds of comments are disrespectful and worthy of a hiding.

Joyce, who was nearly kicked out of the National Party two times this week, says the people of the Pacific are owed an apology by his nameless successor.

“He should say sorry immediately” says Barnaby, the closest thing Australia’s Pacific islander and Kiwi community have to an elected official.

“We don’t just pick Australian fruit. We also destroy Australian democracy by getting ourselves elected for 13 years illegally”

Joyce says he’s not sure how Mr McCormack will be able to make it up to our Islander neighbours but says he is willing to challenge the current Deputy PM to a #RunItStraightChallenge


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