As over 100 out of control bushfires ravage our drought-stricken rural regions, the Federal Government have today finally come together to keep Australians safe

By repealing laws that force the Home Affairs office to provide adequate medical treatment to critically ill refugees.

Taking a break from hanging out with sportsman whose names he can’t remember, Morrison has today found another way to distract the greater public from the climate fires currently destroying the Eastern seaboard.

The PM showed supreme leadership while cutting deals with every latent racist in the both the upper and lower house in his effort to have the medevac laws scrapped – in turn delivering Australia from the evils that a critically ill refugee might pose to the homeland.

The medevac laws, which give doctors more power to decide whether refugees on Papua New Guinea and Nauru should come to Australia for treatment, came in under the previous Parliament, when all of those uppity women in the crossbench were pushing around the minority coalition government.

They were introduced after several children and women died from preventable deaths related to simple infections and malnourishment.

The Coalition gained the support of One Nation and soon-to-retire senator Cory Bernardi to win the final vote 37 to 35, as hundreds of Australian homes are destroyed by record-breaking bushfires.

Sydney is currently ranked 11th for worst air quality as off 11am this morning.

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