Australians are today reeling after a video was published online showing the Gold Coast chapter of the Young Liberals might be made up of a bunch of trust-fund padded little cunts.

The Liberal National Party (LNP) says it will take disciplinary action against members of its Young LNP after a video was posted online showing one of its branch leaders smirking at a racist slur.

The video has been deleted from the Young LNP Facebook page, despite it being okayed by about 20 different people before it was published in the first place, because none of these little cunts actually saw anything wrong with the comments until it was in the headlines.

The LNP said all involved in the video would face “internal disciplinary” action – which means these chosen leaders of tomorrow are going to be stood down from their nerdy roles as youth leaders and will have to spend the rest of their lives working as staffers.

In this particular video, the Gold Coast Young LNP chairman begins by interviewing schoolies in the Surfers Paradise mall about a range of issues including what they think of the Prime Minister and the national anthem.

“Australian national flag and national anthem, keep it or ditch it?,” he asks in the video.

“Personally, I’m fed up with having all these sport stars stand out on our stages and not sing the national anthem” said one sickly pale incel-looking schoolie who has since been identified as yet another Liberal volunteer.

“They’re putting our Australian jumper on, they’re going to sing the anthem.” he followed up with, while hugging his mates and talking about divisive cultural politics, instead of pissing up and trying to get a root like any normal kid who hasn’t been raised with a deep-seated desire to impress whatever half-pissed multimillionaire father-figures have been unlucky enough to enter into their orbit while the au pair and mummy get stuck into the valium and chardonnay at lunch time on a Tuesday.

“I mean, we’ve got to stop celebrating a culture that couldn’t even invent the bloody wheel for God’s sake — we’ve got to start enjoying and living in western culture.”

His comment was met with chuckles by the pudgy little cunt in charge of the Gold Coast chapter of the LNP who goes by the most Young Liberal sounding name of time, Barclay McGain.

The teenager who made the comment has previously campaigned for the LNP and has broken party tradition by ruining his life before even gaining access to any of his birthrights: a multimillion dollar inheritance and senate pre-selection.


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