Gold Coast indie pop superstar, Amy Shark has today revealed she spends most of her day-to-day life wearing a neck brace – so to combat the physical strain her body endures from supporting her ever-growing high knot bun.

It’s just one of the many new hurdles that the internationally-renowned songstress has had to ensure, after a rapid rise to the top over the last few years.

In 2018, Amy Shark picked up four more ARIA awards, taking her total to six from 14 nominations – cementing her place as the biggest solo artist in Australia.

However, while her profile and record sales have ballooned, so too has her iconic hairstyle.

During an interview today with Betoota’s Desert Rock FM 96.5, Shark revealed her top knot is now so large that she now cannot fly without being seated in an exit row, due to her growing physical presence, which is a direct result of the top knot.

“Sometimes, when we are out at a restaurant, I just have to rest my head on the table for a little bit. The waiters usually think I’ve got narcolepsy but i’m just giving my neck a rest”

Shark, who used to work for the Gold Coast Titans, is believed to have modelled her hairstyle off the club’s former fullback, Kevin Gordon.

However, given she is now the only success story to ever come out of the Titans, Shark is now wary of any dramatic changes to her look, and is avoiding trimming the top knot due to a superstition that it is now bringing her superpowers.

However, road managers and bandmates say they are concerned someone is going to get hurt one of these days.

“She swipes pictures off the wall every times she spins around in the recording studio” said an unknown member of Shark’s touring team.

“We’ve had to get her custom-made head phones with counter weights in them”


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