Following yet another wave of chaotic ICAC findings into terminally corrupt NSW Labor Party, Federal leader Anthony Albanese MP has had to take things into his own hands.

ALP insiders say it’s been a long time coming, and that Canberra very rarely intervenes on corruption at a state level – even after all those MPs got locked up after all those dodgy meetings in Terrigal.

The Opposition Leader has today emailed a ‘Send To All’ to the entire NSW Labor Party – and not just the right wing faction – as the ICAC findings continue to dig up even more rot from this buried mammoth.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating whether Huang Xiangmo, a Chinese billionaire and property developer, funnelled prohibitive amounts of cash donations to NSW Labor in breach of state laws barring property developer from tipping in to the hat.

ICAC has been particularly focused on a Chinese Friends of Labor fundraising dinner held shortly before the 2015 state election, and previous evidence claimed a series of straw donors, or fake donors, may have been used to mask the origins of Huang’s money.

Huang is alleged to have turned up at Labor head office several weeks after the dinner with another $100k cash donation in an Aldi shopping bag, which he handed to state executive.

Albo has today made it clear that this kind of behaviour is not okay.

“who told this bloke it was ok to pay in cash ??!” he wrote.

“Looking at you foley . Were u just gonna clean that shit through the pokies mate?”

Hearings continue in Sydney this week, and it looks like way more shit is yet to come.

Labor Insiders say the party is at least taking solace in the fact that all of this shit is being buried in a news cycle that seems to be quite focused on Peter Dutton’s not-so-subtle return to the White Australia Policy.


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