A lengthy and costly attempt at rebranding a tainted image has been for nothing today.

This comes after a Federal Court judge ruled that people with double-barrelled surnames are bad news.

The ruling marks a critical blow to the double-barrelled surname community, who have fought tooth and nail to change the public perception of their kind.

Traditionally known as the calling card of the political class and section-10 elite, Australians with two last names have taken issue with these assumptions and have worked tirelessly to distance themselves from the villainous silver spoon stereotypes.

It appeared to be working for some time as well, with a gentle pivot away from the aristocratic blue-blood reputation that usually comes with hyphenated last names. In domestic sport particularly, the most recent tally has found that Polynesian rugby league players have overtaken the white boys of rugby union in the historically very rugby union field.

However, despite gruelling efforts to pull off this egalitarian and multicultural rebrand, the double-barrelled surname is back at square one today – after the most vile allegations ever levelled against this segment of Australian society were all but confirmed.

Australia’s most high-profile doubled barrelled surname lost what has been termed the ‘trial of the century’ – despite having a lot of very powerful friends in very powerful positions pouring millions of dollars into a legal defence and commercial media propaganda machine.

It was all for nothing. Because everything that everyone had previously assumed has been effectively proven true.


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