Just days after the Australian Federal Police raided the both the ABC and Newscorp, one of Australia’s most famous educational institutions has revealed it is also under investigation.

The School Of Hard Knocks, more commonly known as the brutal entry college closely linked to The University of Life, is reportedly subject of a probe over the ‘Labor Death Tax’ leaks

The ‘Labor Death Tax’ relates to the constantly refuted conspiracy theory that Bill Shorten and the ALP were drafting up legislation to relieve hard working Australians of their life savings upon death, if they were to get elected.

Despite the fact that this supposed inheritance-robbing plot was denied on a number of occassions by every member of the Labor front bench, it was still rampantly spread across Facebook by the School Of Hard Knocks alumni – who insisted it was real.”

“We just wanna know how they knew” said an AFP spokesperson, Sue Percop, who was on the scene during the raids today.

“How did they know every detail of this proposed tax legislation that Labor had denied ever existed”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in London today, said the issue was an “ongoing matter for the AFP, they’re the best to make comment on that, not me.”

Our reporters reached out for comment from a prominent ex-student of the School Of Hard Knocks, Barry Noxen (66). He says everyone who watches Sky News knows about the Labor Death Tax.

“Poor Lying BULL SHITTIN SHORTEn ,,,, ” said Barry.

“Caught Out Lying ,,, Once . Again”

“Australia ,,, has spoken !”


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