In another blow for the freedom of whistleblowers, Australian Federal Police have raided the central Victorian town of Ballarat today, in relation to a series of leaks surrounding the gross misconduct of the now incarcerated former Archbishop George Pell.

Locals have called called the raids a “dangerous act of intimidation” after a number of residents reported on a top secret culture of aiding and abetting the abuse of vulnerable children by high-ranking Catholic figures who are known to be close friends several former Liberal Prime Ministers.

Australian Federal Police officers presented the entire town of Ballarat with a search warrant on Tuesday morning, before proceeding to search the town for the whistle-blowers behind these highly inconvenient allegations.

This follows yesterday’s raids of both the Betoota Advocate offices, and the Lord Kidman Hotel beer garden, over a series of other slightly unflattering yarns.

Pell, 77, was in December last year found guilty of sexually assaulting two 13-year-old choirboys at St Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne in the 1990s, when he was Archbishop of Melbourne. He has since been sentenced to six years in prison, which he is currently appealing.

However, the second trial George Pell was to have faced on child sex allegations in the town of Ballarat looked as if it would not go ahead, due to problems with the evidence.

Today’s raids have all but confirmed this, as the AFP continue their streak of raiding the homes and offices of Australian citizens who are seen to be talking about things that shine an unflattering light on very powerful people.

Prime Minister Morrison was asked for comment on the raids but was quick to change the subject to last night’s State of Origin match.

“Bloody Queensland [haha]” said Morrison.

“Loved ’em in the election but not last night!!”

“How good’s Origin!”


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