Local Skyline owner, Brendo (19) says he and the boys have got somewhere to be, and they are looking for an off-ramp in the next 40-50 kilometres so if you could fuck off out of the way, that’d be tight.

With some sort of a house party slash gatho happening tonight in the regional outskirts of Betoota, Brendo and Kane, Kyle and Jaxon are not fucking spiders.

This means that the everyone in the right lane should clear off because you should only be in there if you are driving fast enough – and according to Brendo, 130 kilometres per hour isn’t fast enough.

The 1993 Nissan Skyline, which is currently full to the brim with young cunts drinking Tooheys Extra Dry while listening to Violent Soho, appears to be more than prepared to ride up someone’s arse until they either lose their temper or pull left.

Brendo was last spotted sharing his understanding of highway etiquette quite gently to other motorists, after his R33 spent close to 20 minutes tailgating a local Pajero mum and her two kids, who were rushing to get to grandmas house before sun down.

“Fucken yewwww” says Brendo and the boys aas they fly past, with as many limbs out the window as possible.



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