The infighters of tomorrow have decided to call it a day. 

In a recent summit of the Australian Young Greens, the youth political party voted to dissolve after self-alleged allegations of ageism in regards to the group policy, which states that members cannot be a part of the group if they are 25 years of age or older.

Young Greens leader Claire Satchel (24) states the group formerly known as The Young Greens moved to dissolve after they realised how non-inclusive they had been to anyone actually old enough to have a well-rounded opinion.

“We are here to face the big issues such as global warming and pill testing,” stated the now group-less leader.

“There is no room for us to exclude people who grew up with dial-up internet.”

Satchel explained how the decision was not an easy one with the group first considering to rebrand as The All-Ages Greens.

“But we thought if we did that Lee Rhiannon might try and use it as a way of sneaking back in.”

When presented with the news of his youth branch closing, Greens party leader Richard Di Natale stated he knew this would happen after consulting with his tea leaves this morning.


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