After cutting all ties with his politician uncle during his second stint as Prime Minister, Australian singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd has been photographed making amends to their strained relationship over coffee.

Speaking to the media from his surf town hub of Caloundra, after being chased out of Byron for punching a 63-year-old surfer in November last year, Xavier says his relationship with uncle Kevin became tested in August 2013 after the Member For Griffith refused to launch a Royal Commission into vaccinations causing autism.

“Man, when he refused to read over my research, it proved me that he was just another suit” said Xavier.

“It was like, man, I knew Peter Garrett was a sell-out with Nuclear power, but not you too Uncle Kev”

However, it appears that water may be under the bridge after paparazzi snapped the two of them meeting up for coffee in Kevin Rudd’s home suburb of Griffith in Brisbane’s Southside.

“Fair shake of the sauce bottle” said Kevin, when approached by media this afternoon.

“I’ve always consulted Xavier for advice on humanitarian policy. As well as animal rights”

“I too was disappointed when I saw his song featured in a nationwide Fried Chicken ad”

As the twice former Prime Minister now looks to find something to do with himself it is believed he is now taking didgeridoo lessons with his nephew.


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