Peter Dutton has slammed the powerful media figures today after the au pair scandal rages on.

The aspirational Home Affairs Minister, who confirmed to us today that he is wishing things were still the way they were before he shat the bed in a leadership challenge, has once again hit out at what he calls the ‘media elites’ – who are out of touch with everyday Australians.

After another week of headlines, the ex-Queensland Cop is under fire from all corners over his pulling of strings to allow his mates to skirt immigration laws.

However, despite earning his stripes on 2GB and News Corp platforms as an immigration hardman, Dutton is now in a bit of curry for calling in favours for mates and powerful people who knew he was easily impressionable and desperate to have friends as bougie as Turnbull’s friends.

Dutton has explained that to us today that the whole thing is a campaign by media elites to tarnish his reputation, and criticised these so-called elites despite numerous attempts to bring in people who are the very epitome of the silver spoon.

“This whole campaign against me is bullshit. A hard done by Argentine Polo player and some run of the mill persecuted young European women seem to be too much for these elitist toffs to handle,” Dutton said.

“I’m just a battler trying to help other battlers out, and these left-wing media types in their ivory towers hate it!”


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