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The Office of The Nightwatchman has today confirmed, that after some deliberation they have finally decided upon their official campaign song for the 2019 election.

After a long night surfing Spotify, with ‘Boys Light Up,’ ‘Lead Me To The Cross’ and ‘Be Faithful’ all vying for the official song, the Skyhooks classic number ‘I’m Living In The 70’s’ was confirmed the winner in the early hours of last night.

Speaking to us over the phone this morning, the Nightwatchman Prime Minister explained that for obvious reasons the Fatman Scoop tune, and the Hillsong hit ‘Lead Me To The Cross’ could land him in a bit of trouble, so he went for the surefire Skyhooks tune.

“It’s just so relevant for our party and our base this campaign,” said an excited Nightwatchman ahead of the official campaign launch tomorrow.

“Given our policies on all sorts of things, like the environment and people who aren’t white for example, the song is the perfect accompaniment to our campaign.”

“And hopefully it reminds all of our base about the good old days when you could say racist things without fear of retribution, desecrate the environment and the world was a much simpler place with our place.”

The Nightwatchman then explained that he’s even thinking about doing a parody of the song to make it even more relevant for a bit of a laugh.

“[Ha ha] Get me on Fitzy and Wippa!”



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