As the Novak Djokovic debacle continues to unfold in Melbourne, it’s been revealed that Sky News and its Murdoch counterparts have been particularly silent on a particular issue in the saga.

Nearly a week after Djokovic was detained in Melbourne, the network that serves as a news bible for conservative parents has somehow forgotten to attack Scott Morrison for mixing politics with sport.

That comes despite Sky News stringently attacking against the likes of Cricket Australia, the NRL and numerous sports stars for mixing sports and politics.

However, following Morrison’s blatant attempts to use the public perception of Novak Djokovic to his political advantage, Sky News and their fellow culture wars warriors have seemed to stay out of the debate.

Normally never ones to shy away from the opportunity to attack anyone mixing the two, the nation’s third public broadcaster confirmed to The Advocate today that they are letting this one go through to the keeper.

“It’s all about discretion,” explained some red-wine nose Murdoch lifer who has worked his way up the system by pushing hard right agendas in an effort to please the boss he’s never actually had an interaction with.

“For example, Cricket Australia’s decision to remove references to Australia Day from its game is a disgraceful effort from the woke brigade to mix politics and sport.”

“And Morrison was a strong leader for calling it out.”

“Same thing when the Big Fella in chief also picked up the phone to NRL boss Peter V’ldanys, telling him not to drop the National Anthem from the Origin pre-match.”

“But, when he’s using a hated tennis player to try and prove he is tough on borders and distract from yet another failure of leadership in regards to another outbreak – that’s a suitable mixing of sport and politics.”

“That’s a totally fine example of mixing sports and politics”

“Don’t really understand why I need to explain this,” he said.

No more to come.


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