Ever feel like you’ve had enough of being lied to by elected officials?

Especially when you are paying them to live a lavish lifestyle where they take everyday people’s lives into their hands and make whatever decisions they feel like?

Ever feel like it would be nice to just see a politician tell the truth without using phrases like ‘situational connectivity’ and ‘enhanced opportunity to create future building infrastructure’?

What about blatant dodging of questions and failing to front up to any questions of accountability?

Is it time to consider whether it’s appropriate that we are treated with contempt by a smug political class who don’t seem to have any interest in doing their jobs?

Well, maybe it’s time to consider fitting every single politician in the public light with shock collars when they have to do interviews?

That sounds a bit much I hear you say?

Well, maybe consistently being shat on by our leaders is a bit much?

Besides, it wouldn’t take many shocks for these portly blokes to learn their lessons and maybe consider just answering a question truthfully?

So maybe a few electric shocks to give em a bit of a jolt and make them think about their behaviour?

Just a panel of a dozen normal Australians on jury duty, who get to press the shock button if a politican lies or avoids the questions?

No side stepping with 3 minute fluff answers that leave you walking out of the room or disengaging for a few months.

Just a quick shock and off we go.

And it’s pretty easy.

If you don’t lie, you don’t get shocked.

Something to think about.

More to come.


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