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Opposition Leader Bill Bradbury Shorten has today confirmed that when it comes to Adani, he will remain as neutral as the nation of Switzerland, until he’s in Central Queensland and no one’s around.

This admission comes this morning after news broke that it is looking ever more likely that the government will allow a giant multinational company to desecrate Queensland’s environment in a perfect example of a political system held ransom by rampant capitalism.

However, rather than coming out and condemning the Government’s support for the Carmichael Coal Mine which the nation’s environmental scientists say is a very bad idea, the leader of the country’s Labor party has refused to comment just yet.

Shorten has confirmed that he won’t overturn the government’s decision if he Bradbury’s his way to power this year, and that he won’t be providing his stance on the mine until he is alone with some swing voters in Queensland and the cameras are not rolling.

“I’ll be giving comment on this issue that has been running for the last few years in the national spotlight when the times right and my staffers have figured out where the most amount of votes is,” he said.

“If it becomes an election issue then of course I will just say the opposite of what the Libs are saying, but until then I’m just going to whisper my quiet support to people in marginal electorates that benefit economically in the short term.”

Shorten then checked with his advisors and informed The Advocate that that is all he was allowed to say today.


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