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With pressure on Bill Shorten to sack Labor backbencher Emma Husar if bullying and harassment allegations against her are proven, the leader of the ALP has today told her alleged victims to harden the fuck up, because losing another MP would almost definitely result in him never being Prime Minister.

Former staff have accused Western Sydney MP Ms Husar of asking them to perform her personal duties while working in her electorate office and of bullying them in the workplace – and say that they reported these workplace conflicts a long time ago, probably around the time that every second Labor MP was found to be a dual-citizen.

This comes as five different electorates around the country go to the polls for by-elections, four of which have resulting from sitting Labor MPs being found to have dual-citizenship.

However, while Shorten has declared that the ALP are ‘investigating’ the allegations made against Husar, he has also asked those making these allegations to ‘please harden the fuck up’ – because the abuse they are suffering at the hands of one of his colleagues is making life hard for him.

The possibility of a 6th by-election in yet another potential swing seat means that both major parties are effectively running a full-blown election campaign a whole year before a full-blown election.

“Please, I ask these victims, who we haven’t even clarified actually are victims, to harden the fuck up”

“Please. Your claims of emotional and psychological abuse are not high enough up on the totem pole to force me into even more of a vulnerable position”

“Please, I’ll follow up later, if we get elected”



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