As the Prime Minister continues to work round the clock to repair his post-Hawaii-and-forced-handshakes image, another hospital pass has been thrown his way by his own party this week.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t from the usual suspects of Andrew Laming MP, Barnaby Joyce MP or Angus Taylor MP.

While all of these MPs represent a respective thorn in Morrison’s side in this time of crisis, today’s Good Morning Britain interview with far-right factional leader Craig Kelly MP has really done damage to his carefully curated international image as the moderate leader of the common sense party.

Kelly, who represents the electorate just south of Morrison in the Sutherland Shire was labelled a climate denier on British breakfast television during a segment that ripped into our Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who earlier criticised Mr Morrison on Twitter for a “shameless and shameful” advertisement about the government’s response to the bushfire crisis, interviewed Craig Kelly on the ITV show on Monday morning (UK time).

Mr Morgan noted that Mr Morrison’s response to the bushfires devastating communities across Australia was to go on holiday to Hawaii, Mr Kelly responded as well as he could have for someone who spends most of his day posting graining anti-Greta Thunberg memes on Facebook. Kelly defended the Prime Minister’s decision to go on holidays before realising he had been stitched up by the program’s producers who just wanted a lightweight to use as a football on live TV.

Kelly has since responded to this unflattering interview online by attempting to create a narrative where the vocally pro-Trump and Pro-Brexit Morgan is a ‘leftie’ and referring to his Meteorologist co-host Laura Tobin as a ‘pommy weather girl’.

However, while this shitsorm has only furthered the decay of confidence in Morrison’s leadership on both a national and international level, it is believed that Scotty From Marketing is still somewhat relieved at how the interview went.

Liberal Party insiders say that the cabinet are reportedly stoked that Morgan didn’t go as far as asking Craig Kelly his thoughts on other universally accepted facts – like the fact that Cardinal Pell is a child rapist.

In February last year, two months after the Prime Minister blocked anyone from challenging Kelly for his seat, the Member for Hughes posted a Facebook post which questioned Cardinal Pell’s conviction on pedophillia charges, saying it seems to be a “grave miscarriage of justice”.

“Oh man, a quick google search by Morgan’s producers could have really fucked us” said one Liberal Party insider.

“Jeez imagine if they found that social media post where he ridicules the victims of institutional child sex crimes and refers to the entire court case as a leftist witch hunt”

“Scotty is just relieved that they only had him denying 99.9% of the world’s scientists on live UK television. Coulda been way worse”


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