Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today fronted the media to call for an urgent intervention on border policy.

The Member for Cook did so by publicly ordering Peter Dutton to ban tennis player Bernard Tomic from re-entering the country after he blatantly ‘refused to have a go.’

This comes following the much-maligned Gold Coast boy’s dismal effort in the first round of Wimbledon, where he went out in straight sets and 58 minutes (the second shortest men’s match in Wimbledon history).

That effort has seen the young man fined 45,000 pounds for not meeting the ‘required professional standard.’

But, refusing to try as hard as he can at hitting a ball over a net in a game of sport could cost the young man a lot more, with the Prime Minister labelling Tomic ‘unAustralian,’ today.

“And for that reason, he shouldn’t be allowed back into the greatest country on earth,” said Morrison.

“If you have a go, you’ll get a go, I think that’s pretty well documented, and if you don’t have a go, well we don’t want you here.”

“I’ve told Peter (Dutton) to cancel Thomas the Tank Engine’s passport.”

Dutton was unavailable to comment on the issue as he was helping his wife out with the books on her child care centres, but has promised he will release a statement later today.

More to come.


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