The Chinese Communist Party is today having a good hard look at itself after some stern words from our Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison gave our largest trading partner a HUGE serve today, after revelations that Chinese customers were refusing to take our good honest Aussie coal.

“Fair dinkum you blokes, pull your bloody fingers out and get a bit of Aussie coal up ya,” said the Prime Minister in front of some Queenslanders today.

This comes after BHP confirmed that they had received deferment requests from Chinese customers, which may or may not have anything to do with our country trying to start a diplomatic row with them.

China has refused to confirm that it is actively boycotting Australian products, but plenty have drawn between the lines on their actions and the offence we caused by vocally calling for an international investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“First it was beef, then barley, then wine, now bloody coal,” said the man whose government banned Huawei from being involved in the roll-out of 5G like it wouldn’t annoy China.

“What’s wrong with these lefties,” continued Morrison, who may have to contemplate actually considering renewables given our largest trading partner might not take coal anymore.

“We’ve directed our entire political discourse to focusing upon this sector, and now these raving leftie lunatics refuse to go all-in on our economic plan.”

“Get it together you arts degree communists.”

“Don’t you know a few blokes still work in the mines and a people with large financial interests in fossil fuels haven’t transitioned out of the sector yet?”

Chinese officials didn’t offer any comments on the matter other than a photo of Xi Jinping smiling.


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