Maverick Victorian Liberal MP, Tim Smith has continued to somehow make the state opposition feel like the worse option, in the face of an unprecedented disaster that one would assume could only make them look good.

This comes as the red-wine-swishing Scotch College prodigy continues to work towards his life goal of being retweeted by President Trump, and in turn soiling the brand of his party with a flurry on manic insults towards migrants, poor people, and ‘Dictator Dan’.

With the entire city of Melbourne on lockdown due to a lack of due diligence on the part of Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, the alternative option of a Liberal Government is still looking like a dodged bullet.

Despite the fact that every resident in both Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire are now unable to leave the house for six more weeks, Tim Smith MP, has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure his party does not come across as a decent alternative.

Starting with his initial narrative that COVID-19 was just a ‘bad flu’ and that the Victorian government were greatly exagerating its effects in an effort to ruin the economy (?) – Smith joined the chorus of elitist conservative commentators who were demanding schools and shops re-open – with complete disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the elderly and immunocompromised.

The 36-year-old human embodiment of a microwaved plate has somehow even managed to top the obnoxiousness of Sam Newman and Andrew Bolt in his rapidly changing angles of attack on the fairly right-wing Labor Premier.

As his online abuse began to change from ‘this isn’t a big deal’ to ‘our Premier didn’t do enough’ – Smith is now sticking with the theory that it was the unwashed protestors demonstrating against the 432 unresolved black deaths in custody that caused Melbourne’s second wave, despite being presented with resounding evidence that this is not the case.

The man behind the low-quality sledges of Dictator Dan, Chairman Dan, Lurch, Looney and Friendless Loser – is now giving the greater public a good insight as to why he’s suffered two consecutive 5% swings against him in the safest Liberal seat in Melbourne.

With not much to his name prior to entering politics other than a decent 2km ergo and his senior colours at the most prestigious private school in Melbourne, this fourth generation heir to a bakery empire has reminded Victorian voters of that era of born-to-rule Liberal politicians like Downer and Abbott.

However, unfortunately for the Victorian Liberals, The Member For Kew’s blue-blooded populism looks likely to continue, after refusing to curb his unhelpful behaviour despite several very public warnings from the leader of his own party.



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