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A pretentious Betoota couple have stunned staff at Happy Paws Rescue Shelter after genuinely asking if there were any purebred dogs for sale.

Wanting to connect with the common man, the couple thought it would do their brand good if they adopted a rescue pup instead of spending thousands on pup that could have come from some kind of ‘farm’.

“So, you’re saying there aren’t any dachshunds? What about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?” sourly questioned Penelope Farthing.

“Ok, what’s the closest thing to a purebred you’ve got?”

“Umm, well, we found a bag of kelpie pups on the side of the road the other day, they’re purebred?” replied a confused 19-year-old pescatarian who worked at the shelter.

“Oh, yuck, no I don’t want a Kelpie. That’s a farm dog, not very chic.”

“Umm ok, this is a disaster. Honey, this is why we don’t buy second-hand things – they’re always so gross!”

Disgusted by the thought of letting a mongrel into their home, the couple decided against adopting a rescue pup.

It’s believed they’ve since contacted a local pug breeder and bought the last pup of the litter.

More to come.


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