Former Wallabies captain David Pocock has this week shown a blistering return to form.

However, while many of his highlights have come from the four corners of a footy field, this big moment has actually arisen from the voting booths of the Australian Capital Territory.

Because, as is almost certain now, Pocock has successfully secured the turnover.

Reports out of Canberra are revealing that it looks as though the former Wallaby has secured the 2nd senate seat for the Capital Territory.

This comes after the agile loose forward arrived at the contact zone of the Federal Election with clear momentum and a desire to seize on the loose ball.

Identifying a lazy back in the form of Zed Seselja standing near the tackle zone, Pocock swooped on a loose ball and held on for dear life.

Backed by a strong team of people around him, Pocock then managed to hold his weight over the up-for-grabs seat, resisting a late and from-the-side attempt by the Richie McCaw of Territorian politics.

Resisting the urge for a quick tap, Pocock has now elected to play the territory game and kick for touch much further down the field to put some pressure on the opponents, hoping that his team can come away with some points.

“It’s a clear message that people want politics done differently,” he told the ABC.

“Communities have realised that they can actually have someone standing up for them that doesn’t have to toe a party line.”

That result now means parliament now has another real person to hold the career politicians to account, as well as the biggest rig inside the confines of the bush capital.

More to come.


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