The Federal Government has today announced the latest in it’s set of ‘Job’ schemes, revealing an elaborate Multilevel Marketing program to help people get through these tough times.

Following in the wake of the JobKeeper, JobSeeker and JobMaker – Scott Morrison has unveiled JobTrainer – a new self-employee program selling life-changing vitamins to friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you can latch on to.

Job Trainer was announced this morning, and will be a scheme with residual income which will become available nationwide as of next week.

The Prime Minister explained that the program will allow people to work from home and create long term residual income.

“I personally know of schemes like this whereby people have been able to buy their mum’s BMW’s,” Morrison said this morning.

“Nationwide, people will be able to purchase their first batch of these incredible vitamins, which will make you feel incredible, increase your life expectancy and make you generally, a better person.”

“Then you obviously make a cut from what you sell, and if you expand your business and get people involved, you can make a cut from what they sell as well.”

However, Scott Morrison was quick to point out that this was a legitimate way to stimulate the economy.

“Let me be clear, this is not a pyramid scheme, not something that the mums at the Baton Twirling or the Flying Disc park try to sell you whenever you spark up a conversation with them.”

“This is a legitimate business, and if it takes off then we will be looking at expanding the program to Tupperware and body products.”

One out of work man currently looking to get off JobSeeker called Levi Lisik said he personally is very excited about the program.

“This sounds like a really great opportunity to build my own brand and set up a scheme that keeps earning me money going forward.”

“There’s nothing like a bit of residual income. I’m a huge fan.”


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