The first Prime Minister who was able to make Australians value the existence of the once pointless concept of state governments, has today criticised premiers for their efforts to clean up after him.

Australia has 6 state parliaments. It also has 2 territory parliaments known as legislative assemblies. These parliaments are located in Australia’s 8 capital cities.

Once upon a time, state and territory parliaments was the most universally hated level of government in Australia, and had a reputation for doing nothing except bending over for developers and destroying wildlife habitats.

However, ever since the 2019 LibSpill that saw Scotty From Marketing replace Malcolm Turnbull – Australians have found themselves in a weird parallel universe, where they now look to their Premiers for leadership – knowing that the Prime Minister is the type of bloke that goes on holidays to Hawaii during record-breaking bushfires.

He’s also the type of bloke that avoids building Federal Quarantine facilities in the middle of a pandemic, and the type of bloke who orders only one type of jab, which arrives six months too late, and causes more than half the nation to spend 4 months in lockdown because no one was immunised by the time the Delta Variant arrived.

But not only is he more than happy to leave the management of a pandemic to state leaders, he’s also revealed that he’s quick to blame those state leaders when voters begin to realise that maybe he’s at fault for what has been yet another year of misery and economic ruin.

Now today, as freedom protests continue around the country, Scotty From Marketing has launched a new marketing angle, which looks to be what he’ll be taking to the next election.

His campaign: State Governments, particularly LABOR State Governments, are doing too much!

This follows the footage that emerged from Melbourne over the weekend of pandemic management bill protestors marching through the CBD carrying nooses and chanting threats to kill Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he understands the frustration that drove violent protests in Melbourne on the weekend, and has called on governments to take a step back from interfering in people’s personal lives.

“I know you really had no option but to take control when I went missing” said the PM.

“But like, it seems that the voters are getting a bit over it all now. And it’s starting to affect my poll numbers”

“So shame on you.”

“I am taking the side of the frustrated voters who only learnt your name because I was too busy flying back and forth from America to get photographed with Joe Biden”



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