In the face of One Nation’s imminent collapse Pauline Hanson has told party members that she is considering going back to her roots, and abusing Asian immigrants.

“I don’t know. That seemed to work a few decades ago, and there’s even more Asians here now. Maybe I should drop a few ‘swamped by Asians’ on Sunrise a couple times this week.”

“I don’t know really. There’s not much that gets the voters blood boiling anymore. There haven’t been any Muslims doing anything bad for quite a while”

This comes after one of her former loyalists, Brian Burston, has announced that he will quit One Nation and sit as an independent in the Senate after a spectacular falling-out with his party leader.

The New South Wales senator’s departure from the party was widely anticipated after he was embroiled in a bitter feud with Senator Hanson last month, as she proves once again that she might not be the easiest to work with.

Senator Hanson accused Senator Burston of “stabbing her in the back” by continuing to vote alongside the Coalition Government with their proposed company tax cuts, after she was made aware by her anti-bank supporters that she had misread the room with her previous decision to support it.

The One Nation leader also called on him to quit Parliament — but Senator Burston has brushed that demand aside and will remain in the Upper House, just like the last senator that jumped ship minutes after he got sworn in because the other senator had been born in British India and was not a citizen.

This marks the fourth senator that has left Pauline’s team since the 2016 election, out of the three that were elected alongside her.


  1. Typically Aussies hated Japs (Japanese) because of their troops atrocities against Aussie War Prisoners during WW2. But Japanese aren’t floodin’ the country screaming religious hate curses, death threats or intimidation against us. Pauline needs to focus her attention where the hate for our country is coming from.

    Hating religion isn’t Racist is it?

  2. Asians and other non-anglo Australians will shortly start pronouncing anglo names according to the pronunciation that is used in the countries from which the non-anglos have come – and are not going back to.

    Then see how ya like it.


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