A new Netflix docu-series titled ‘Tiger King’ has taken the world by storm, with his it’s wild storytelling about the rise and fall of a maverick Oklahoma zookeeper.

The quarantine-hit focuses on America’s crazily lax laws around gun and exotic animal ownership, and the feirce rivalries that exist between big cat owners in the American South.

At the centre of the documentary sits ‘Joe Exotic’ – a gay polyamorous drug addict redneck who loves playing with firearms.

Joe Exotic’s hunger for fame and glory results in his countless attempts at becoming a TV star, an organised crime figure, a country music singer and at one point, the President.

After dropping off early in the 2016 presidential race as an idependent, Exotic then focuses on taking out the role of Oklahama governer.

He was helped in both long-shot political races by a very unfortunate man named Joshua Dial.

Dial, an Oklahoma resident and former Walmart manager, began by handing out bumper stickers for Exotic’s write-in campaign for the presidency in 2016. He then graduated to running Exotic’s entire campaign during his 2017 gubernatorial bid. In that time he saw some horrible, horrible things.

The TV series makes for addictively bizarre, almost comedic watching – and has unsurprisingly taken Australia’s audiences by storm.

However, in the dusty corner of outer-metropolitan Queensland known as Beaudesert, the cult of Joe Exotic has been received entirely differently.

Far-right senator Pauline Hanson has found herself taking notes in an attempt to emulate the DNA of Joe Exotic’s eccentric campaign strategy that saw him net over 20% of the vote in in Oklahoma’s governer race.

“This is just what we need” she says down the phone to her felonious campaign manager, James Ashby, who is no longer allowed in public buildings.

“We need guns, we need tigers. Oklahoma is just like Ipswich. This is it”

“Just sprinkle all that on top of our current platform of racism and anti-family courts rhetoric and I think we might be able to win back all those senate seats we lost to citizenship laws and resignations”

Pauline Hanson also went on to reveal that she sympathised with every character in Tiger King, especially that poor Carole Baskin.

“To see her get mistreated by those evil men, over and over again. It really reminded me of the ten different men that have taken advantage of me and my political base over the last three decades”

“I feel for everyone in the documentary. Except for Carol’s whingeing stepdaughters. Typical women, just making up accusations”



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