*After seeing just how good humoured former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been regarding all the articles and memes centred on his portfolio controversy, the editors of The Betoota Advocate have formally invited him to be a guest writer.

I recall hearing my father softly chuckling from the living room one balmy Saturday night. 

I would have been seven or eight at the time, and as someone who’d always struggled to form a bond with the stoic man that was my father, it had naturally piqued my interest.

Wandering into the lounge room, I watched in awe as the face I’d come to recognise as stern and uncompromising was suddenly filled with the lines of laughter, transforming him into a stranger I longed to see more often.

This power of humour, which I can warmly ascribe to the wonderful show that was Hey Hey It’s Saturday, not only allowed me to feel closer to my father but also ignited something in me.

It wasn’t my first memory, as I do recall the feeling of being surrounded by warm fluid as I developed in my mother’s womb, but it is my most cherished childhood memory, and, I believe, the seeds of the man I’ve become today.

And who is that? Scott Morrison? Scomo? Scotty from Marketing? Everybody has an opinion about who I am, and what I stand for. Some are happy to follow me and understand that I’ve always done what’s in the best interest of the Australian people, while others choose to persecute and condemn me to punishment.

Remind you of anyone? 

But despite the constant attacks on my character, the name calling and the ridicule, I have maintained and will always maintain my sense of humour, and that is not something that can ever be taken away from me.

I do ponder, though, if all this political correctness is robbing the nation of its larrikin identity? When it’s not funny to quip that women would be met with bullets in another country but it is amusing that a woman chooses to frown while standing next to the Prime Minister? How far we’ve fallen as a nation, when infantile and slapstick humour is more preferable than veracious wit.

For the sake of the land of golden soil, I hope we can make Australian humour great again. But in the mean time, I will continue doing what I’ve always done – having a fair go, and having fun doing it.

More to come.


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