The Queensland LNP has today unveiled the housing policies that they will be taking to the 2024 election.

With a plan aimed at boosting home ownership and rental stock, the LNP has committed to delivering one million homes by 2044, which comes months after the Miles government released its $3 billion “Homes for Queenslanders” strategy.

Vowing to axe stamp duty for some first home buyers should the LNP come into office, as well as increasing supply, the Queensland Opposition have not really stipulated how many of these ‘one million homes’ will provide social housing, if any.

Although, regardless of what gets built and when, neither major party is being proactive enough in the eyes of property developers.

A recent report titled ‘Homes Without Barriers’ has found that the 2024 election is yet to truly satisfy both the needs of developers and the needs of every day Queenslanders.

According to the powerful industry group DAESH (Developers Against Environmentalists Stalling Housing), who commissioned the report, the only thing that stands between Queenslanders and adequate housing security is the slight regulations imposed upon billionaire property developers.

Whether it’s the height limits on unit blocks in flight paths, or the restrictions on tearing down koala habitats – the report found that the housing crisis will only get worse if property developers continue to be prevented from doing whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it.

The report found that Queensland could ‘unlock’ over 10 million more dwellings in the next twelve months if the government got out of the way. With the vast majority of development proposals rejecting for sentimental nonsense like ‘protecting the existence of endangered native animals’ and ‘ensuring that children don’t grow up in a 50 degree concrete dystopia’.

However, the report finds most disheartening shortcomings of both the current Queensland Government and their opposition is the unwillingness to turn volatile flood plains into uninsurable colorbond favellas that cost nearly $1million a pop and have no schools, sporting clubs, or supermarkets within 40 minutes.

DAESH says until our legislators get out of the way, Queenslanders are destined to live without access to 800 square foot 4-bedrooms McMansions on the outer-rural fringe that gets destroyed by a new climate-change aided 1000-year flood every ten years.


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