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A young Betoota Heights woman has sat down with The Advocate today to explain to us just why neither of the major parties are appealing to her this election.

Kirra-Lea Sims told us ‘she’s had it up to here with politics.’

“It’s like Bliss n Eso once famously said, ‘It’s like this land is either run by Labor or Liberal. But don’t get it twisted they’re the same as the criminals,” she rapped to us.

Sims then explained that this year is the first time in four elections she has actually been enrolled to vote, and she’ll be making it count.

“Well, we live in a democracy, right? So I’m going to be voting for someone who actually speaks for me?” she said.

“And seeing as MC’s Bliss and Eso don’t have a political party, I’ll be voting for Pauline.”

“I was gonna vote Clive, but I don’t think I can trust him.”

Sims who works at as an accountant in the Heights explained that she’s seen first hand what’s happening to Australia, and while she isn’t quite sure what to pin it on, she has a fair idea that migrants might be to blame.

“This country is going to the dogs. Living and working conditions are going down the gurgler faster than the runoffs of fake tan at the Royal Handmaids School in the Grove.”

“And rather than spending some time thinking about why that might be the case, I’m happy to just blame it on migrants who have darker skin than me, women fleeing domestic violence and people on welfare.”

“She’s the first person whose truly spoken to me since Bliss n Eso’s most recent album in 2017: Off The Grid.”


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