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The NSW Labor Party has confirmed this afternoon that they are still mulling over which bumbling politician they should appoint to lead the party next.

This comes after Michael Daley managed to chop the ball onto his own stumps a week out from the election, following his appointment to lead the party in the wake of the Luke Foley sexual harassment scandal.

“Yeah we aren’t sure which generic-looking white career politician we should tap on the shoulder to lead the party in NSW next,” said an anonymous Labor insider over the phone today.

“Ever since Bob (Carr) walked out of Macquarie Street and into Macquarie Bank we’ve fallen apart at the seams really.”

“Obviously there’s the whole ICAC period were our party was sprung pulling all sorts of shit on the people of NSW, and then we had Luke Foley acting like a fucking creep.”

“And then there was a Michael.”

“Whose supporters are blaming the fact that he didn’t get enough favourable coverage in the media, and not the fact he said something racist about immigrants despite living in a city were nearly half the population is either a first or second generation immigrant, and completely shat the bed in the week leading up to the election.”

“I mean the Murdoch media is as crook as my old man’s knees, but we need someone who seems at least semi-competent.”

“And that’s all we’ll need given the state this state will be in come 2022 or whenever the next election is.”


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