Political diehards are foaming at the mouth today after revelations a famous figure could be coming out of retirement.

Norman Gunston, one of the nation’s most decorated political reporters has confirmed that he will be returning to Canberra.

Nearly 50 years after causing a scene down in the capital, the hard-hitting investigative journalist is reportedly gearing up to put the current Governor General and the former PM Scott Morrison on blast.

Gunston famously found his way onto the steps of parliament house back in 1975, when Gough Whitlam was kicked out as Prime Minister by the Governor General.

Known as ‘The Dismissal,’ the incident is described as the greatest political crisis in Australian history.

Famous for his coverage of that event, Gunston is now set to grill David Hurley and Scott Morrison as to what the hell was going on between them.

This follows revelations Scott Morrison got the Governor General to secretly appoint him as the joint minister for health, finance, and resources while he was PM.

The secret appointments have caused outrage, with a multitude of questions being asked about how the two most powerful figures in Australian politics were able to get away without any form of transparency or accountability.

A move like this has never been seen before, with Prime Ministers during things like world wars, never feeling the need to secretly appoint themselves to more positions of power to overrule their colleagues, who they are supposed to trust.

So, given Side Hustle Scotty’s shocking decision to make powerful moves in the dark and his relationship with the Governor General – Gunston is going to be back.

And he’s going to be asking; …is this an affront to the Constitution of this country or…just a stroke of good luck for Mr Albanese?”


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