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There was a certain dread in the air at Parliament House today after the majority of its constituents had to relinquish their dominance for the next few hours.

Not wanting to create another media shit-storm, The Nightwatchman got on the front foot and made a thoughtful gesture to one of the only women left on his side of parliament.

“Michaelia, Happy International Women’s Day,” said The Nightwatchman.

“I thought it would be a good idea to do something for all of the women here, you know, to show our support”

At this point Michaelia allowed her mind to wonder and imagine a parliament where there was equality.

This mirage was quickly turned to dust as Sco-Mo revealed what his thoughtful gesture was.

“Do you think you could quickly whip up a cake for everyone?”

Sco-Mo was met with a completely dumbfounded Cash, taking note of her reaction he quickly tried to make amends.

“Oh, sorry, of course you don’t have time to bake one, you can go and get one from a bakery – I won’t tell anyone!”

The Nightwatchman then trotted off, turning around only to tell Ms Cash that he was quite partial to a black forest cake.

More to come.   


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