As the nation battles through the devastating third wave of the spicy cough, the government has reminded everyone that they really are the people to look after the little man and woman.

The reminder comes in the form of a public statement from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who has refused to re-instate pandemic leave payments.

Previously, workers had been entitled to $750 worth of paid leave if affected by the virus, something which could come in quite handy for a single parent living below the breadline because of insecure work.

The leader of a party that always talks the talk about representing the working class is refusing the bring back the previous government’s budget measures, saying that they have a trillion-dollar debt to get back on top of.

That argument has drawn the ire of various state leaders and the Federal Opposition, who are demanding the payments be brought back as well as extending the program of free RATs for concession card holders.

“Plenty of people have sick leave, so this isn’t that big a deal,” said the son of a single mum who grew up in Camperdown housing commission flats, who is sounding a little bit like a Liberal party leader right now.

“We can’t really afford to provide sick leave for causal employees at the moment,” continued the Prime Minister who is going to follow through with the previous government’s Stage Three tax cuts that are going to cost 10s of billions of dollars and put most of the money back into the trust funds of the nation’s highest earners.

“I’m sorry, this is just the world we now live in,” said Albanese.

“We’ll talk about it on Monday at National Cabinet, but I just don’t think we can afford to look after some of our most vulnerable,” finished the leader of a nation that is now following the Let it Rip lead of America and the UK.

More to come.


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