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The nation has confirmed this morning that it’s a bit worried about what the Nightwatchman Prime Minister actually thinks is vilifying Muslims.

This admission comes after Scott Morrison claimed this week that he was disgusted by claims that he has vilified Muslims in the past, and refuted any attempt to maybe insinuate that he’s used the community to gain political traction.

The man who keeps a shiny “I stopped these” boat trophy on his desk and orchestrated Operation Sovereign Borders is reportedly disgusted by claims that he has ever done anything that could constitute giving people of the Islamic faith a hard time.

“These allegations are unfounded and amount to nothing more than a smear campaign,” explained the Prime Minister who sought to gain as many political points as he could out of broadly blaming the Islamic Community for the Melbourne CBD terror attack last November.

“It’s disgraceful what the non-Murdoch media is trying to insinuate,” explained the PM.

A spokesperson for the nation down at the famous Lord Kidman Hotel in Betoota’s Old City District said that everyone is a bit nervous about what the PM thinks vilifying actually means.

“I mean he’s squeezed every single political drop out of locking people up In offshore prisons and jumped at any opportunity to use ‘terror’ to gain political traction, so we are just a bit concerned about what he might do if he decides to actually ‘vilify’ the Islamic community,” the spokesperson said.

“We just hope he doesn’t get to the point where he is so desperate that he decides to carry out what he sees as policies which actually vilify Muslims.”


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