In some devastating news from down South, the TV Week Logie Awards have officially been cancelled for 2020.

The publisher of TV Week, Bauer Media confirmed last night that the night of nights for Australian on-screeners is the latest casualty of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Particularly for the Berryl’s and Cherryl’s of this world, we are sorry to reveal that amidst everything, it simply wouldn’t be responsible for us to host a night where Australia’s TV ‘celebrities’ come to together drink as much free piss as possible and scoff a meal not paid for by someone trying to influence them.”

“We asked NRL CEO and Racing NSW boss Peter V’Landys to fight in our corner to make sure we could be exempt from all of the rules to protect public health, but given the state of the media industry, we couldn’t exactly afford it.”

The company is reportedly not going to hold an online event, probably because they are backed by a magazine, and has promised to come back with an even bigger event next year, which has left many punters salivating.

More to come.


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