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A source within the Liberal party has today told The Advocate that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is finally seeing the writing on the wall.

After months of struggling to come to terms with the fact that Bill Shorten is more popular than him, The Advocate can now exclusively reveal Morrison’s grand plan to derail Bill Shorten’s Bradbury run into the number one seat.

It’s believed that Morrison has allegedly paid the Canadian rapper and universally known bad-luck charm, Drake, to befriend the opposition leader in the months leading up to the election.

We’ve been told that Morrison said there’s no other feasible way for him to win the election and that his hopes now lie fully within the cursed hands of Hotline Blingsinger.

While historically the ‘Drake Curse’ has only been recorded in the sporting arena, it’s believed that Morrison thinks it’s worth the risk of testing whether the curse transcends environments. “I’ve got no other choice” we have been told he said.

“I’ve got no other choice” we have been told he said.

The Advocate reached out to the Prime Ministers office to confirm these rumours, however we were unsuccessful.

Our reporters also reached out to Drake’s manager for confirmation and to see how much ScoMo had to pay the rapper to hang out with Shorten for 3 months, but were again unsuccessful at getting through.

More to come.


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