Despite the fact that he’s got at least three Government safety nets to break through before he would have to live below the poverty line, local storeman Kai Gleeson (35) says he’s going to throw a vote towards One Nation in the upcoming state election.

After already doing it in the federal election, Kai says the power he feels from seeing four completely unqualified people who don’t believe in science walking around the halls of Parliament House makes him feel extremely powerful.

“These fuckin’ lefties are taking over” he says, despite working in an industry that has in no way been affecting by environmentalism or migration.

“Why isn’t anyone talking about the Muslims? It’s pretty obvious we have a problem… That kid shot a guy in Sydney three years ago”

“Pauline says what we are all thinking when we watch breakfast television”

When asked if he thinks the rise of ill-prepared populists might hinder how good he has it already, Kai says anyone who thinks he has it good has rocks in their head.

“How good I HAVE it? Are you fucking kidding?”

“I haven’t even been overseas before. Except New Zealand when I was a kid and that sucked”

“All my mates go to Bali and have jet skis because they work for banks and offices and I’m here slaving away moving boxes”

When asked if he felt blessed by the fact that he has never had to pay for a medical appointment, Kai asked our reporter what the fuck she was talking about.

“Mate, don’t go in to all that political talk. I don’t believe a word of what any of those greedy pricks say”

“They don’t do shit”



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