A local girl has regrettably attempted to cross streams between friendships circles tonight – ultimately having to duck and weave through a skirmish of passive-aggressive comments being fired by her two besties.

Jacqui had initially hoped that her childhood best friend, Liz, and her work best friend Carrie would get on like a house on fire.

Unfortunately for Jacqui, the only chance she has of these two alphas bonding with each other is if they are able to develop a friendship over their mutual respect for eachother’s nasty comments.

Liz begins the sparring with a completely out of line shot at Carrie’s fashion sense.

“Hey I like your top. It really reminds me of one I used to have in Uni. Oh my God Jacqui! Do you remember that top!” she says, quickly diverting from her cold-hearted jab, into a nostalgic but ultimately exclusive trip down memory lane with Jac.

“Yeah I do!” says Jacqui.

“Hey Liz you should tell Carrie about your new job with the hospital”

Carrie, who is also a medical professional, takes her chance – and owns it.

“Oh you work at the hospital, which one? The Royal or The Ladies?”

The room is filled with silence. Carrie doubles up…

“Ohh.. Are you in public? Oh cool. Are you a nurse?”

“I started as a nurse”

Jacqui goes to the toilet for ten minutes to play on her phone in a desperate attempt to get them to play nice.



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