While the nation continues to panic amidst the coronavirus crisis, the head of marketing has today taken the opportunity to remind everyone that at least they’ve got reliable internet to turn to during these trouble times.

With Victoria and the ACT declaring State Of Emergency’s, travel restrictions put in place, bans on public gatherings and strong advice about social distancing, Scotty From Marketing today spoke about how good it is that everyone can work from home.

“For those of you lucky enough to be able to work from home, and for those of you listening to the advice of health authorities and quarantining yourself even though you can’t earn an income by doing so, at least you can rely on lightning-fast internet speeds,” said Scotty today.

“Thanks to our government might I add,” he continued.

“I mean, a third of the country not having access to suitable speeds despite spending nearly $51 billion in ways that the experts advised against isn’t ideal, but plenty of people do have good internet access and that will get them through this tough time,” he explained.

“How good’s Fibre To The Node”

“How good’s hybrid fibre-coaxial that experts warned us about “

“I mean some people might have to deal with the constant popping up of the buffering wheel and struggle to make conference calls or perform necessary tasks, but that’s all part of the average Australian life. “

“When I grew up, we didn’t even have internet! So let’s all be thankful for what we do have okay.”

More to come.


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