The Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan has blasted thousands of students involved in nationwide protests today.

This comes as huge numbers of school students in cities across the country defied the Prime Minister today and skipped school to protest against the government’s stance on climate change.

Canavan has slammed the criticism from the nation’s school students, telling the kids who will have to live with the future reality of climate change, to ‘leave politics to the professionals.

The dopey Resources Minister who ‘didn’t realise’ he was an ‘Italian resident abroad’ for the entirety of his career, told The Advocate moments ago that the professionals like himself were best placed to handle this whole situation.

“These kids have just gotta trust us,” explained the man who was saved in the High Court by the complicated nature of Italian citizenship laws.

“I don’t understand how all these kids think they know better than us. How many long lunches have they sat on with mining lobbyists who have the best interest of the country’s environment in mind?” asked Canavan.

“They might have a bunch of the loony left-wing climate scientists and experts pushing the climate change agenda on their side, but these kids should get back to school and stop wasting everyone’s time.”

“I don’t know why these kids would think we wouldn’t have their best interests at heart. Anyway, I’ve got another lunch on now so I’ve got to go,” said the Minister as he left the interview.



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