Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has called his team into a huddle today.

So, the Australian Labor Party have come together to try and figure out how it could possibly go wrong.

With the Coalition Government in tatters as a result of a decade of leadership scandals, rorts, criminal behaviour and mismanagement of their jobs, political commentators have earmarked the ALP as the short odds favourites to storm home and win the election.

The opinion polls have been strongly in their favour for months now, with the Liberal Party embracing the underdog status.

However, as in sport, nothing is a given.

“Okay, so things are going swimmingly for us,” Albanese reportedly addressed the group with a beaming grin on his face.

“Is there any way we can still fuck this up?”

At which point a few ministers pointed out that the only way it could all go pear-shaped is if Albanese decided to ‘get on the front foot.’

“Please Albo, just shut up. Don’t say anything. Just smile and nod, and allow the Libs to keep letting rounds off into their feet. They will win it for us,” one of the MP’s said.

Albanese agreed to keep quiet for the sake of the party.

“I haven’t really got anything to say anyway,” he laughed.

“They haven’t really been saying much about policy or anything, so I can’t just say the opposite of what they say if anything comes up”

More to come.


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