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The federal member for the seat of Lindsay, is being investigated over allegations of harassment and bullying in her staff office, according to the Labor Party. However, the Labor Party has denied these claims.

The random MP who is apparently a frontbencher for Bill Shorten has been accused of doing heaps of shitty stuff including alleged misuse of funds and entitlements, misuse of staff, workplace bullying, intimidation, verbal abuse, spreading false rumours, and harassment.

While these accusations appear serious, the Labor Party has denied that they happened, while also suggesting that they acknowledged them months ago, and are taking them seriously, and have been for a while, just they didn’t make them public during the by-elections, but also they might not have even happened.

New allegations reported on Thursday include that money raised by New South Wales Labor was paid into this random Western Sydney politician’s personal bank account and that she inappropriately harassed a former staff member on two occasions.

The random politician, that the nation has previously never cared about, responded to the allegations on Twitter, labelling them “100 per cent false”, “completely and utterly untrue, unfair and hurtful beyond belief”.

It is not yet certain if anything ever happened, but Bill Shorten has insisted that everything is okay, just stop asking about it.


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