"The Project" star has been criticised once again for not reading between the lines.

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FRESH FROM his overnight Twitter battle with Liberal MP Wyatt Roy, Josh Thomas has been accused of “not reading the fine print” after signing on to host an allegedly “anti-gay” reality TV show.

The television creation is set to be the first show of it’s type to feature on the ABC, with the bulk of the production funding coming from government coffers.

The plan has faced immediate scrutiny from community leaders and the opposition – and The Greens.

“At this point in time, most of the nation isn’t even shocked by this,” says Greens MP Scott Ludlam.

“The scary thing is that Australian’s have grown accustomed to this kind of rampant neo-fascism from the Abbott Administration,”

“They think it’s normal.”

What alarms critics is the premise of the show – eleven gay men and one straight man are locked in a house, Big Brother style.

The object of the show is for the gay men to find out who isn’t gay.

Once a week, someone gets voted out and if the gays manage to vote him out – they claim the one million dollar prize.

If the straight man is among the two last people in the house, the prize is doubled to two million dollars.

Producers have revealed the twist will be that NONE of the men are actually gay, they all just think that they’re the one straight man.

Therefore, the 30-minute episodes will feature straight men “acting” as homosexuals.

The Government hopes that this TV programme will outline and prove the opinion of the party that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and not a genetic predisposition.

“We’ve commission this television production to show all Australian’s that homosexuality is a treatable condition and that gay people are effectively acting to conform to a lifestyle,” says Liberal MP Wyatt Roy.

“My parents and even my grandparents never had any gay friends. Now they’re everywhere.”

ABC Director Mark Scott has remained silent over the controversy.
ABC Director Mark Scott has remained silent over the controversy.

“I’m just not that sure why Josh Thomas agreed to lend his name to it. That’s a bit odd.” says Mr Roy.

The Advocate approached Mr Thomas for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

The currently untitled production is slated to begin production before the end of the month.


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