The Former Deputy Premier of NSW has today taken a bit of time to himself to unwind from a hectic start to the week.

Following a big day of questions at the inquiry into his appointment as a Trade Commissioner to New York, John Barilaro says he needed to blow off a bit of steam.

“And there’s no better way to do that, than by getting out into nature and doming a couple of Koalas,” explained Barilaro, resting on his rifle in some bushland just outside of Sydney.

“No journos to give me a hard time out here, just me, and a few wild Koalas waiting to be picked off,” said the man that famously threatened to blow up the NSW State Government in opposition to the government’s policy to protect koalas.

“Fuck I hate these lazy pests,” he said, referencing the endangered native species.

The R&R for the former leader of the Nationals come after he told today’s parliamentary inquiry that he is the ‘unluckiest man in politics’ and wished he’d never applied for the $500,000 a year trade role that he helped created and allegedly asked to be given.

“Jobs for the boys has been a long-held tradition in politics at a state and national level for as long as I’ve been alive, and now all of a sudden it’s a no-no,” said a frustrated Barilaro.

“I don’t know know why this whole thing is such a big deal and why everyone is picking on me”

“People need to get a life, rather than focus on things like transparency in the publicly funded world of politics.”

More to come.


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