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The Treasurer paused this morning to ponder the grim reality that’s dawning on him.

Joshua Frydenberg, known locally as JoFry, is in grave danger of going down as arguably the worst federal treasurer in living memory – and it’s not lost on him.

Despite his fantastic qualifications in business and economic management, being handcuffed to a regressive tax system that rewards the wealthy and punishes middle and lower class workers has seen Josh left with little option other than going with the flow.

As the economy slows and the country hurtles toward it’s first economic step backward since 1991, it’s becoming increasingly obvious to JoFry that he needs to do something to secure his legacy as a competant keeper of the cash box.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this morning via telephone, JoFry said he’s caught between a rock and bible place.

“I can’t renege on this promise of a giant surplus,” he sighed.

“But I know that money saving would be put to better use stimulating the economy and business, rather than being put toward paying off our foreign debt,”

“But yeah. We promised a surplus so we have to deliver one,”

“Maybe I should give everyone $900? Wayne Swan was about as qualified to run the economy as a discarded sucked mango seed on the side of the Bruce Highway and he’s remember better than Don Bradman. Bradman was a racist, by the way. He even refused to share a dressing room with Catholics,”

“He was a real piece of work and he’s remembered by history well. That’s what I want for myself. To be remembered for being a good treasurer.”

More to come.


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